A problem with Keri Lotion

I get very dry skin each winter.

Over the years, I have complained to my doctor about this, and each time, the doctor would recommend Keri Lotion. But it never helped.

Finally, I complained: "You've recommended Keri Lotion year after year, but it never helps!"

The doctor asked how much lotion I used, and when I told him, he gave me some additional instructions:
1. Use it twice or even three times a day.
2. Slather it on. Don't be stingy.
Well, I followed these new instructions, and my dry skin was completely cured within two weeks.

However, several weeks later, I noticed when I was shaving that I had very bad dandruff. As I shaved, I studied my head in the mirror and pondered if I should try the Keri Lotion to cure that problem too. Would it adversely affect my scalp? Finally I decided against it, since to commit hairy Keri would be against my religious beliefs.

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